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Have you tried to go it on your own? Navigating the ins and outs of training – no matter your race, no matter your goals – is a challenge.

All athletes experience ups and downs. We have personal and work issues that interfere with our best intentions. An old injury may rear its head. Our goals may change. We may struggle with motivation.

For most people, a cookie-cutter program just doesn’t, well, cut it.

Your individualized training plan, designed by your coach, is designed around your unique strengths and weaknesses and your goals. Whatever it is you are setting out to achieve – whether it’s completing a triathlon, setting a PR or qualifying for a championship – our coaches provide the knowledge, direction and motivation to get you there.

Our experienced coaches are uniquely qualified to recognize your skills while addressing your weaknesses. Our coaches have already helped athletes, like you, to reach their goals. Let us help you. Whether you’re attempting to drop a few hundred pounds or shave off a few seconds, we’re with you every step of the way.

Are you interesting in upping your game from "acceptable" to "exceptional?" By partnering your passion with our experienced coaching, you can reach your potential.


Coaching Packages

Our coaching plans are like our clients… no two are alike! Once you choose the service level that works best for you, your coach will begin to develop your customized plan.

The SpreadThe CheeseThe Jam
Monthly Fee$149*$250*350*
*Start up fee$100**None**None**
Monthly Phone ConsultsnoneMonthlyas needed
TBC Athlete Camps***Discounted1 included2 included
Strength ProgramoptionalDiscountedIncluded
Nutritional consultsNoneDiscounted2x/yr
Data ReviewRaces only2 x monthlyReviewed as needed
Minimum commitment6 mo.3 mo.None

*Prices may vary per coach

 **the start up fee goes towards the initial time your coach will spend with you to get everything right for your training. Because we do not have a stock plan for our personal coached athletes, several hours of back and forth will take place to get you dialed in.

 ***Included camps will be identified annually. 


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  • Having a coach takes the guesswork out of the process as I rely on Scott’s experience and knowledge to help me achieve my goals. Together we have exceeded all of my season goals and achieved numerous PRs throughout this season. I attribute that in large part to trusting Scott’s training plan and his objective confidence in my success.” "I think I can, but if my coach says I can then...I know I can

    Oscar Im
  • The bottom line is that I would not be anywhere near the level I currently am in triathlon without a coach. Lindsay takes all of the guesswork out of training. She takes all of the boredom and monotony out of training. She knows what races I have on my calendar and what it will take for me to ready to toe the line and do my best. I can't begin to imagine how I would do this without the knowledge and expertise of a personal coach. I do the training she gives me and know that I will be prepared. There is no guesswork involved, in terms of am I doing enough, too much, etc. My coach monitors my progress, knows where my fitness levels are, and tailors my workouts perfectly and properly. Every workout session is specific, targeted, and purposeful. I could not accomplish that on my own.

    Without a coach, I would not have signed up for my first full ironman distance race this summer. With a coach, I know that I will be ready on race day!!!

    Sarah Arnold
  • I cannot say how much having a coach has helped me. Very soon in my efforts to improve I saw that I was going to get in my own way. Finding Jay has been the single most effective thing I have done to focus my improvement as a triathlete. His planning my training has given me the peace of mind to know that I will improve if I follow his instructions precisely. It takes "me" out of my own development in all the right ways, gives me something to focus on for a given day, and prevents me from sabotaging myself. I have great confidence in Jay's plan, and that confidence allows me to give myself completely to accomplishing the tasks he sets for me. Even on days when I think there is no way I will be able to complete a workout, I think, "If Jay gave me this, then he must be seeing something I don't. I can do it." I think having a good coach has saved me years of trial and error in improving my game as a triathlete. It is the single most valuable thing I have done in trying to get better.

    Hyrum LaTurner
  • Adam Zucco (Training Bible Coaching)has played a large role in my development into a professional athlete. I have been with Adam now for about 8 years, and in that time I have gone from just a young triathlete to one of the top US Male triathletes. Writing a workout program is one thing, but the attention to detail and knowledge that he has put into short-term and long-term development plan has certainly made the difference in my training. And while he already knows a great deal about the science as well as the practical application of training, he is not afraid to seek advice from some of the best minds in the sport. I have been with TrainingBible and Adam for my entire triathlon career, and I plan to continue to use their wisdom to help me have a great 2015 and beyond!

  • Racing bikes is fun. Winning bike races is absolutely the best feeling in the world. I never thought I'd win a bike race. I won two in the first month I started racing on Rob's plan. This year I won an open category masters (30+) state championship. I remember watching the 30+ races wondering how those guys could go so fast. Winning one never even crossed my mind. Rob has made training a lot more fun by adding structure. I'm also WAY more likely to do a brutal or long trainer ride when I know Rob will be looking at the file... he adds a lot of accountability.

    I've had carbon wheels, lightweight bikes, and all of that fun stuff. Now I ride a 22 pound aluminum bike with some of the heaviest, un-aero wheels you can find. People waste a lot of money on fancy stuff. I try to refer as many people as possible to Rob because no single piece of gear has made even 1/100th of the impact on my riding has Rob's coaching. That's the truth. Having a coach and sticking to his/her plan is the best bargain in cycling.

    Matt Haiduk
  • Having a coach takes the excuses and rationalizations out of my training. If I miss a workout, I don't just feel like I'm letting myself down but Scott as well. The most important aspect is that he takes the guesswork out of my training and structures it so I don't have to. I always know I'll be ready for the next race.

    Mike Godfrey
  • Prior to this past year I had always been self-coached from reading, talking with friends, or occasionally buying an on-line plan. I had always thought I would never enjoy following a daily routine developed by someone else. Instead, as the year progressed I grew more and more to look forward to Coach John Reiker's post for my upcoming week. I had been relying on many of the same workouts for many years and it was really enjoyable and helpful to try a new approach. With my varied style of events, it was very positive to have a coach like John keep me focused on my primary goals. He helped me look at and train for the season as a whole, and not burn all my candles too early in the year. Looking back at how he organized my weeks and months, I can see that the knowledge I thought I had simply wasn't enough compared to an expert coach. Having a coach also saved me a lot time thinking about how to train. It also gave me more and more confidence as the year went on. I had a strong feeling I was trained to do my best, no wondering.”

    Bill Blankenship