What to do in the off season

If you want to take racing to the next level next year, you must get the off season right.

That doesn’t mean you cannot, or should not take a break, but you need to use this precious time to apply some of the thoughts and adjustments you have been thinking about making to see how they affect things, with time to adjust if needed.

I always love the offseason because I get to workout and work hard, but I don’t always HAVE to if life gets in the way, which it often does mid-season.

Some people like to put on a bunch of weight, allow themselves to eat whatever and not worry too much about – well anything. I get it, and it can be tempting, but even putting performance aside for next year, it's not healthy. You shouldn’t allow yourself to yo-yo so much with your weight. Sure, put on a few extra pounds, but the reality is the work it takes to get them off, the fact that you are effecting metabolic health and function, and let’s be honest, as we age, it's harder to get off later. That extra work to get back to even used to frustrate me. The extra weight when you start to run can be an injury risk as well.

For me, I would put a 10-pound limit on myself. If I got up to that much over then I knew it was time to dial it back for a bit and pay more attention.

In fact, after the holidays I like to do at least 1 – 30 day cleanse with Tanya just to get my metabolism running sharp again and put myself right back to where I need to be to have an awesome year.

You can join our community to get on our live chats to get tips and ideas on how and what workouts may best help you this offseason.

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