Several years ago I was provided training products by a company that eventually let down one of my coaching clients. It reflected badly on me as I had suggested the athlete use their product. When it failed to perform the company refused to stand behind it. I left them and ever since have been very cautious with the businesses I suggest athletes use. That’s why there so few companies I work with closely—only Specialized bikes, D2 Shoe, and ADS Sports Eyewear. They’re all featured on my blog’s home page. I’ve come to trust these companies’ product quality and customer service

ADS has especially been on my mind of late. I recently had my eyes examined as objects in the distance were getting a bit blurry (lesson: avoid growing old). The exam showed that I needed a significant change in my prescription. So after the exam I sent the new prescription, along with my existing frames—both daily wear and sunglasses—to ADS for new lenses. It had been a couple of years since I last used their services.

A lot has changed on the ADS website recently making buying glasses online a lot easier. The site now provides ways to help you select frames based on a pair you currently have that fits you well. There’s a simple measurement you do. Previously there was a lot of guesswork in selecting frames that may or may not fit requiring you to try on lots of them in a store to find what’s right. They now also group the sunglasses by sport and gender. And they are willing to send you sample frames to try on if all else fails.

Lens technology is also changing now making for a wider field of usable vision in wrap-around sunglasses.

ADS provides frames by popular sport sunglass companies such as Adidas, Oakley, Nike, Rudy Project, Under Armour, and lots more.

If you give them a try please let me know what your experience was like by leaving a comment on my blog.

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