Our Coaches

ADam Zucco
With a track record of success that spans across all levels of the sport, Adam is equally excited to work with beginners as he is with seasoned professionals. 

He has coached numerous successful athletes, including Olympic athlete Ben Kanute, Kona qualifiers, and World Championship qualifiers. 

Tanya Zucco

Coach, PA-C M.M.S., Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, resident nutrition expert, and certified Metabolic Efficiency Specialist. Tanya focuses on daily athletics, race weight, & performance nutrition.

Scott Iott

Scott Iott is a USAT-certified Level I triathlon coach, as well as a 6-time Kona Qualifier with years of multisport experience across a range of distances.

Nick modrzejewski

Nick Modrzejewski is Multiple Kona Qualifier, a USA-certified Level III Cycling coach with more than a decade of experience in competitive endurance sports.

Nicolas Longo

Nicolas Longo is an Ironman World Championship Qualifier with multiple 18-24 age group podium finishes, a level 1 certified USAT triathlon coach, and has 5 years of experience in long-course triathlon.

Katie Colville

Katie Colville - Professional Triathlete,  is a USAT-certified Level I coach. She also has a degree from the University of Georgia in Exercise and Sport Science.

Cesar Valera

Cesar Valera is a USAT-certified Level II coach and a USMS-certified Level II coach, in addition to his certification as an ICC-licensed life coach.

Eric Turner

Eric Turner is an Auburn University Swim Team alumnus and High School All-American with three decades of swimming experience.

garrett krugg

 Garret is our resident strength coach with over 20 years of experience working with a multitude of athletes in the pursuit of improving one’s sports performance. 

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