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You're happiest when in top form, but maintaining a healthy balance between your personal fitness and the rest of your life is no cakewalk. Superfly makes it easier: our Coaching services are designed to cut out unnecessary anxiety so you can focus on getting there without having to compromise.


Coaching services include a FREE SuperFly Membership giving you access to exclusive materials on our site. The same is true for Training Plans. If you're already training with someone else, or just aren't ready to make a full commitment yet, you can always start with a standalone membership, please contact Tanya for information:

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Adam Zucco

CEO, Head Coach, & nine-time Kona Finisher. Adam coached Ben Kanute of Team USA to the Rio Olympics & has qualified dozens of Kona athletes.

Scott Iott

Scott Iott is a USAT-certified Level I triathlon coach, as well as a 6-time Kona Qualifier with years of multisport experience across a range of distances.

Jess Kahnke

With  years of experience across a variety of sports & distances, Jess is certified in USA Level III Cycling & Swimming and RRCA Level I Running.

Katie Colville

Katie Colville is a USAT-certified Level I coach. She also has a degree from the University of Georgia in Exercise and Sport Science.

Tanya Zucco

Coach, resident nutrition expert, and certified Metabolic Efficiency Specialist. Tanya focuses on daily athletics, race weight, & performance nutrition.

Nick Modrzejewski

Nick Modrzejewski is a USA-certified Level III Cycling coach with more than a decade of experience in competitive endurance sports.

David MacMillan

David MacMillan is an accomplished triathlete and experienced training coach with a professional background as a clinical pharmacist. 

Dale Erdmier

Coach, Marathoner & 6-time Boston Marathon qualifier with 7 years of running experience, Dale is here to help you reach your next running goal.

Jim Vance

Coach, triathlete, & TrainingBible Coaching manager. Jim's athletes have won national championships & qualified for many world championships.

Eric Turner

Eric Turner is an Auburn University Swim Team alumnus and High School All-American with three decades of swimming experience.

Cesar Valera

Cesar Valera is a USAT-certified Level I coach and a USMS-certified Level II coach, in addition to his certification as an ICC-licensed life coach.

Eric Abbott

3-time 70.3 WC qualifier, with a degree in kinesiology from Central Michigan University with 10+ years in multisport, specializing in swim and bike.



Is coaching for me?

Easy answer: Yes. You are good enough for this. But let's address some of those doubts directly before we get started.

"Coaching is too expensive."

Price should never be a barrier to entry for anyone who wants to improve or feel like they are part of a community. Our coaches offer a variety of price structures; we prioritize that sort of thing because a we believe that a personalized coaching relationship is just that — a relationship

You need commitment and guidelines on both sides. We believe everything should start with a conversation. If you want help, we will figure out a way to get you to your finish line on your budget.

"I'm not an elite athlete."

Elite athletes have coaches because they need to get the most of their training — they can't spend years "trying to figure it out." But the truth is that coaching is for anyone who needs training to be efficient. 

Coaches are also offer objective feedback, which is crucial. Most people will gravitate toward what they like to do, so sometimes having outside perspective can break you out of your own echo chamber and take years off the learning curve.

"I'm worth a coach's time."

It doesn't matter where your starting line is. Personal coaching is for anyone who is looking to optimize their time and maximize their results. If you like skipping the lines, VIP treatment, and getting the best answers for your specific issues, then personalized coaching is for you.

For just about any situation, our team of coaches has been there, done that. We have just as much passion and commitment for helping a beginner as we do an Olympian — even that Olympian was a rookie at some point, right? We all were.

"I've had poor experiences with coaches in the past."

Coaching is a relationship, and any good relationship starts with honesty. Disappointment is almost always a matter missed expectations, so it's critical that you are as upfront and honest about what you're looking for in the initial athlete interview. Tell us everything you're looking for in a coach, so the coach can be honest about what they're able and willing to deliver.

Our coaches aren't in this just to fund their own racing careers; they're true professionals. Also, you won't be limited to your coach alone. Our coaches recognize the best thing they can do for their athletes is provide access to a free flow of information. We have an entire network of coaches you can lean on to always have the best possible advice. If your specific coach doesn't have the answer you're looking for, they know someone who does.

"I'm worried about making embarrassing mistakes."

Look, if you ever hear your coach claim that they never make mistakes, find a different coach. Superfly coaches know that it's important to take the good with the bad. 

No judgement here. Mistakes and mishaps are learning opportunities and jumping-off points: all part of the journey. And besides, its good to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes.