SuperFly Community

Community is who you surround yourself with. Who learn from, lean on when you need them, and who you take pride in being associated with.  You are the average of the people you surround yourself with. 

We realize that a lot of athletes do not need or want full on coaching, but DO want to be part of a team or community...AND WEAR A BAD ASS UNIFORM! 

At SuperFly we try to help people who are looking for training plans, educational resources, support, friendship, camaraderie, and fun living the lifestyle that makes them feel alive and passionate about getting up each day! Our uniforms are BAD ASS TOO ;)

If you are a positive person looking to get some great training and resources at a TREMENDOUS VALUE – you are in the right place. To offer you great value: we offer the community for less than the training plans if purchased separately! It's not about the money for us, it's about building our community with like-minded positive people who want to have a lot of fun doing sport – at any level of racing experience!

We realize this is not for everyone. There is a tremendous amount of great free resources out there and they can be a great place to start.  SuperFly was designed for those athletes who do have a little budget set aside to invest in their own growth and experience and if you chose to join us, we are certain you will gain high value out of our community.



75.00 quarterly or 250.00 annually.

We have put together a complete toolbox we feel is needed to succeed. If bought separately these items would be over 200.00 a month!

  • Choose from ANY of our training plans we offer
    • Receive ongoing strength and conditioning support
    • Take part in on monthly interactive coach hosted webinars
    • Take advantage of coach “office hours” where you can sign in and ask questions
    • Receive monthly team workouts in addition to your training plans
    • Receive monthly nutrition tips
    • Receive monthly motivational and mental development tactics
    • Gain access to Best Bike Split
    • Ironman  Club status (gains you early access to races and other special benefits)

    • Membership also includes:
  • Discounts from Sponsors
    • Access to buy team uniforms (ordered 1 x annually)
    • 2 Free camps Annually