Make 2020 your breakthrough year! 

Receive instruction from world class coaches who know where you want to go — and have been there before.  Don't miss your chance to be a part of this strategic training experience!


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Squad 2020


What is Virtual Squad?

The Virtual Squad is an exclusive 12-month Interactive Training Experience designed for edge-seeking triathlon athletes who want to be coached by the coaches who have been where they want to go and are ready to make it happen!  Immerse yourself with extraordinary athletes, peers who will push you, support you, and lift you up like never before.

The Virtual Squad is by application only, and spots are limited! 

Beyond your limits

The promise of the Virtual Squad is simple: to facilitate a breakthrough year for your triathlon goals, to catapult you beyond your comfort zone, and into a whole new world of athletic possibility.

VS Annual
$13,000+ Value

$ 1099 

for 2020

VS Monthly
$550+ Value

$ 99 

per month


Private Facebook Group Access
Daily support & accountability
$200 monthly value

Office Hours 
Bimonthly calls and Q&As with  coaches
$200 monthly value

Meetings with Adam 

Attend, interactive video conference calls with Adam Zucco once a month.

Guest Webinars 
Q&As featuring special guests from the Triathlon world 

1:1 Phone Consultations
 Option to purchase heavily discounted 1:1 add-on consultations as needed 

Coaching Schedule & Workouts based on your ability and goals
$3600 annual value

Two Events / Training Camps
In-person events or camps with coaches
$1000 value

Monthly Mini-Classes
$100 monthly value 


Early Race Entry 
Certain Ironman & 70.3 Races
You can't put a price on this!

Exclusive Sponsor Discounts

2 x 1:1 Phone Consultations with Adam for the first 20 Enrolled in the yearly option!

Discounted Swim Analysis as needed

FREE Access to our membership
Swim, Bike, Run, Nutrition and more! All the resources you'll need to have all your questions answered.

Is Virtual Squad for me?

The Virtual Squad isn't for everybody. We consider this option to be ideal for athletes with specific goals and mindsets. For example, the Virtual Squad is most effective for those who —

— have the determination & drive to be their best
— want to make the most of their time while balancing life, work, & family
— are willing to be examples of professionalism, kindness, & sportsmanship
— are willing to be open, coachable, & vulnerable
— are willing to be share with the rest of the squad & help others learn

Enrollment & Application


2020 Squad



Squad Details

Training Philosophy and Programming

Our training system guides you through progression and long-term development and provides a foundation to build off of for the specific demands of your key events throughout the year.

  • Your SF Virtual Squad Plan is delivered incrementally and incorporates our key principles for a solid foundation of fitness and progression.  The key sessions align with the workouts that Adam Zucco designs for your specific squad subgroup based on experience, abilities, and goals.  The principles of training for the whole squad is based off of of Adam’s 20+ years of training and racing some of the best athletes in the world, working with top coaches in the world, and being a 9 x Kona Competitor himself. 

  • Adaptations made to your schedule based on your races and goals:  All athletes have different goals; so you must train for the specific demands of your goal events.   This is accounted for with your incremental schedule distribution based on your races and goals. 

  • You are in control of your training. The squad provides a multitude of support and options for you to get all your questions answered so you always know how and when to adapt your training.

  • Your training takes into account recovery. Having a great training program always includes proper recovery. Not only will your training take this into account, but we will also cover many topics as part of the squad calls to discuss techniques to stay injury free, healthy, and fresh.

  • Your squad training will create a solid progression of fitness and development.  The squad is perfect for not only athletes who want to race at a high level, but also for those who want the fitness, health, and community benefits of multi-sport training. 

Education Alongside Your Training

We want you to be an empowered and knowledgeable athlete so that you can adapt and manage any situations that may arise.  That is why the SF Virtual Squad has education at the core of the whole program.  

  • Weekly focus points for your training

  • Accountability 

  • Monthly zooms not only covering specific training questions, but also educational topics by our expert resident coaches and guest speakers.

  • Topics cover training, racing, lifestyle, nutrition, sports medicine and more. 

SF Education Lounge Access: ($25 per month value included for FREE) 

  • Best practices and resources for you over a wide variety of topics to enhance your training and results.  We filter through the noise and fads to help you find the information you need.

  • The Education Lounge gives you access to videos and written education on all aspects of athletic performance. 

Community, Nutrition, and Sports 

  • Join other squad members and SuperFly athletes on Zwift for organized group virtual workouts and training races!
  • Co-owner and coach Tanya Zucco is intricately knowledgeable with regards to the specific nutrition and health demands of endurance athletes.  She has many years of experience in sports nutrition and is a board certified physician assistant having worked in sports medicine and orthopedics.  Receive advice and support in our private FB group.  1:1 add-on consultations available as scheduling allows.

Your Squad Membership Also Includes:

Office Hours

  • Join a video meeting twice a month with SuperFly Coaches and Squad Manager: Tanya Zucco, and your teammates to ask any question about your training.
  • If you cannot attend live — submit questions in advance — as we record these sessions for later review.

Meetings with Adam

  • Attend, interactive video conference calls with Adam Zucco once a month.  Adam will cover a specific performance topic and do Q & A. Submit your training questions ahead of time, and have Adam answer them. 
  • All Meetings with Adam sessions are recorded and accessible in our Education Lounge. 

Personal Support and Customization Add-Ons

At any point in your Squad training, if you want more coaching support or customization to your programming, you can book add-ons:

  • 30-minute consult with one of our coaches. Our coaches will help you adjust your program. Fee: $50 per 30-minute consult


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