Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saturday's Clinic

I mentioned below that I am speaking at a TrainingBible 'Personalized' clinic on Saturday in San Diego and that we had also done one of these last month in Chicago. The latter proved to be very popular with athletes there so we will be doing more of these around the country. Here are the details for the San Diego clinic.

* Race nutrition consult with Kim Mueller of
* Ask-A-Coach station with Joe Friel. Ask him questions you have about your training
* A talk from Joe Friel, "2009, Your Best Season Ever"
* A sports medicine station with Dr. John Martinez, of Coastal Sports and Wellness and from the USAT medical staff, looking for imbalances to prevent possible future injuries
* Run-gait analysis station with Gino Cinco, of UCPT, who will help you be aware of your needs as a runner, with shoes, injuries, etc.

For more details and to register go here.


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