Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coached Training Plans

You probably know that I personally create and sell training plans tailored to specific categories of athletes (sport experience, age, weekly volume, specific event) in triathlon, duathlon, road cycling, bike tours and marathon running. Most are for 11 to 12 weeks but some cover 23 to 24 weeks. The prices range from $35 to $150.

I am now also including a few 'coached' training plans for sprint- and Olympic-distance triathletes. TrainingBible super-coach David Warden and I created these plans together based on the methodology in my Triathlete's Training Bible. In case you don't know David, he produces the most-listened-to podcast for endurance athletes at iTunes - Tri-Talk. He's much like me in that he shares a strong interest in the science of training.

Anyway, he and I created four training plans, two for sprint and two for Olympic triathlons. Look for the plans that say 'by Joe Friel and David Warden.' These are 11- to 12-week plans that sell for $199. Each includes two telephone coaching consultations with David while you are using them. He will help to make sure that things are on track for good fitness. With a plan and a coach to help, you will be on track for a great season.


At April 1, 2009 10:53 AM , Anonymous James said...


This is a great idea. I'm using a real plan for the first time- your base plan for an over 50 year old cyclist. There are very basic things that come up in judging response to the plan, potential modifications and focus that could be addressed with a few emails or phone calls. But there's a huge jump between buying a plan and paying hundreds for full coaching plan.

I'll be looking for a something like this for me next year.


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