Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Clinic in SoCal April 25

On Saturday, April 25 from 10 to 11:30am I will be speaking at Phase IV in Santa Monica. This clinic normally costs $75 but since TrainingBible Coaching is tieing it in with a pay-to-attend, 'hands-on,' triathlon clinic to follow, we are opening my talk to the public. The talk is for triathletes, cyclists, runners and other endurance athletes. Due to space it will be limited to 75 athletes. And only 30 triathletes will be allowed to attend the hands-on clinic since it is quite intensive. For either portion of the clinic you must pre-register. Go here to sign up.

We have recently presented this clinic in two other communities, Chicago and San Diego, and both have received glowing comments from the attending athletes.

The public talk is titled, 'Your Best Season Ever.' I'll show you exactly what I do with the athletes I coach to shape their seasons for excellent performances at their A-priority races.

The select 30 athletes who sign up for the second part of the clinic will rotate through five stations in a two-hour period. This is based on a concept developed by the Australian Triathlon Federation. Here are the five stations:

Ask a Coach: TrainingBible Coaches Joe Friel & Jeff Vicario personally discuss your training and any training questions you have.

Bike Fit Assessment: Robert Forster P.T. will check your bike fit. See what small changes in your bike fit can mean for better performance (bring your bike).

Running Gait Analysis: Edwin Tinoco P.T. will assess your running gait. Learn what injuries may occur from running, and what type of shoes will help prevent them and what it means to improved performance (bring your run gear).

Physical Therapy Structural Examination: Ron Berry P.T. will assess your current structural strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances in order to prevent injuries.

Race Performance Nutrition Consultation: Exercise physiologist Sheana Kubicz will review and refine your workout and race nutrition strategies to nail it on race-day!

The cost of the final two-hour clinic is $75 ($50 for tri club members). Again, there is a limit of 75 for the part 1 talk I do (all endurance sports) and 30 for the part 2 hands-on, triathlon clinic. To get your questions answered write to TrainingBible Elite Coach Jeff Vicario at To learn more about the clinic go to the Training Peaks forum.

I hope to see you then.


At April 15, 2009 2:12 PM , Blogger D. Isaiah said...

Just registered! Thanks, Joe. Looking forward to it.


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